Vendors at the 2007 MTV Movie Award Gift Suite

June 5, 2007

The MTV Movie Awards gift suite was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, CA May 31 – June 2. There were around 40 vendors that attended there ranging from clothing lines to gadgets. A few of the vendors that had some great products were the Mood-Factory owned by Kathryn White, Zenspiration Gardens owned by Marry Street, and Turn it on Designs owned by April Tatur. These three companies all had something in common. They all had products that set the mood. The Mood-Factory featured their mood lights that came in eight different colors that focused on specific moods. They also had their tea that was tasted by many people. ZenspirationGardens had their personalized flower gardens in amazing keepsake boxes. They customize all their orders to a specific person and specific need. There was also Turn it on Designs that has some really great switch plates. They have several different categories that they make their switch plates for. They also customize the switch plates to a specific person or company. April the founder and owner of Turn it on Designs really enjoyed our iPlatform Exercising Machine and Head Spa Massager. I would have to say that out of all the people in the event she was the most entertaining and energetic. I was given a gift of a customized MTV light switch plate that right now fits perfectly in my room. I am now going to redesign my whole house so I can have a Turn it on Design switch plate in every room of my house.
April Tatur featured with Vincent De Paul from NIP/Tuck


2007 MTV Movie Award Gift Suite

June 5, 2007

Kathy NajimyKathy NajimyAlexander Innovation Wizard attended the 2007 MTV Movie Award Gift Suite hosted by GBK Productions. The event was one that I will never forget. I say this because some of the events that took place there. We had three celebrities from the TV show LOST that were really amazed by our MP4 Home Theater Watch. This watch was the biggest give away in our Suite. Every celebrity that came into the room showed some interest in the watch. Shannon Elizabeth really showed some interest in our MP4 Home Theater Watch. A few of the celebrities told us that they will be using this item as a media player on those long flights rather then carrying a bulky laptop. Jason Mewes and Andy Milonakis were really intrigued by our Orbitor Listening Device. If you want these products as well as many more check out our website




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